International Government Tenders

There are huge opportunities on Brazilian government purchases, even several International proceeding that allow the government to buy directly from your company and pay in your local currency, but… it is a very complicated procedure, with a very specific legislation and with many details and a language barrier.

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For international clients

For international customers that are looking for sales in Brazil, we provide the necessary in country know how to make the project successful:
Brazil is a very complex country to do business with. There are many opportunities, but the excess regulations, bureaucracy and taxes makes it almost impossible to succeed without proper guidance. Some of the activities we have performed are the following:


  • Scan Brazilian government agencies for sales opportunities on your specific area, or for your specific product.


  • Understanding and explaining the tender requirements. That may include translation, presenting the opportunity, clarifying the requirements and taxes implications.


  • Tender documents – Preparing your international company required documentation to bid on an international tender or using our company to enter the bid as a domestic company.


  • Proposal – Preparing


  • the winning proposal


  • Setting up, or becoming legal representation in Brazil for contract purposes


  • Schedule visits and meetings

Contract support

  • Spare parts depot. Storing and management of tools and Spare parts depot
  • Buying material in Brazil and delivering to the site, complying with legal and fiscal regulations
  • Finding suitable partners, legal support and technical sub contractors
  • Buying local material

Each one of those activities that seems very simple, have particular legal and fiscal requirements that could jeopardize a really good and profitable opportunities in Brazil.

Talk to us first and make the most of your sales opportunities to Brazil


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